Static - :flb100: FLB100 [Synthwave]

“Sit down, Relax, and remember: here in the cyberspace, we’re all just made of static.”

Thanks for listening! Any and all feedback would be appreciated!

(also what do you think of my new logo?)

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Sweet, left comments on SC!

EDIT: Re: logo, I’m in the camp of people who think your current one is pretty damn cool. It’s so simple but very striking, imo. The one above loses the readability

Oh wait no that’s just for style I’m talking about this one:


Ah - I like the flat lines better but this works too. It definitely makes it look more “F” like

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Yesss that logo is nice!

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thanks to your idea :smile:

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im pretty sure it only counts as vaporwave if you sample another song. this is technically synthwave iirc.

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oh shiii ok cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Ahhhh so that’s the difference… couldn’t figure it out, good to know!