Starship - [Jax] [House]

Here’s a new track I made. Hope you all enjoy it! And as always, feedback is appreciated.

Also, if someone could tell me the exact genre this is, that would be awesome. I think it’s dance, but I’m not so sure.

Edit: changed the genre in the title.

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Sounds more House like to me.
Nice track overall. Feels pretty laid back, but still upbeat.
I think the riser you had in the buildup for the first drop could have started an octave lower it kinda made the buildup feel more so that I was just thrown into the middle of one and not where it should have started if that makes sense.

I also wish the second drop had some more variation. Didn’t have to be a totally new drop, but maybe instead of all the tracks cutting out with the drums, just make them play through them or you could have gone halftime with the drums. something like that.

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Thanks for the feedback!
(Also, thanks for the genre. Should be fixed now.)