Stardust Remix - Ekstrak [Deep House, 9 Minutes Long]
I’m busy making a Future album, so I made this for you guys.
Keep in mind that this is 9 Minutes long. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Feedback and Criticism is allowed!

Can you send me the audio? I’m not able to get on SoundCloud, atm. :frowning:

Ok, we got my boy Ekstrak and Nick Elle, I’m buckling in for the ride-

Ok, great so far I’m 2:30 in. I’m glad I know the original, I like the treatment of the vocals (which are now instruments). You have the obligatory tech house build up and the appropriate 4x4. That future house synth stab is nice I like that touch.

3:40-4:00 this might be too stripped down. But you didn’t leave it like that for long so it’s cool. I’m not sure what sound that is from the future pack but now it’s standing out in a bit of an unpleasant way. Ok piano is back and pitch bending chords, very very nice. Vocals as piano chords now, love it. Nice arpy synth.

The snare attack reminds me of M83, a very very good thing. At 6:30 now. Keeping the flow going I like it. Normally I can’t handle songs this long but you’ve switched it up enough and played on the original enough that it’s engaging.

Nice winding down into most instruments low passing. Cool stripping the end back down to the 4x4 drums.

Awesome. I like it! I think you gave it a great treatment

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I just heard the track, and it needs work.

Everything is clashing. There sounds like there is a double kick, and there seems to be sounds coming out of nowhere.

And, actually, it seems to be more of a Future House vibe than Deep House.

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