Stardust - Ekstrak (ft. Nick Lecroix) [Future Bass]

Happy 2018 everyone! I am back on Auxy and ready to make more tracks!

This is one of the first Auxy songs ever made in 2018, I hope. This was a 10 day long project that me and @NickElle made. I think it’s successful.

Feedback and criticism is allowed!

You can Remix this Track here!:

Time to do an all-nighter…

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And here’s the link to the whole EP

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Okay, thanks!

I like it - I wish in the beginning part the vocals were a little clearer. Overall, the mix is VERY BASS HEAVY, to the point where I don’t feel like some of the instruments have enough breathing room.

On my second listen - the chord progressions in the beginning are really nice. Love the auto tuned vocals I know some folks arent into it but I am lol :slight_smile:

I’d just turn down the bass some on some of these instruments, around 1:50 I feel like there is a helicopter in my head the bass is so loose and prominent. Maybe it’s a sub bass I dunno. Sorry, I’m really hung up on it. But overall the vibe is awesome, it flows well and the choice of instruments and drums sounds are top notch

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I remember this project! I checked it out before you released and I knew that with the help of someone good, you could make a banger.

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lol and it happened xD

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Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, I’m not the best singer, but I love to do it for tracks that don’t have vocals.

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