Standard Deviation Pack - Thoughts?


It’s a great pack, but not really my thing. The sounds haven’t been as much to my taste the past few months. Sure, they’re useful, but haven’t inspired any new music, which packs usually do for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been drifting more towards composing classical/jazz stuff outside of Auxy.


But seriously though, I needed this kinda soundpack


not super into it, but i’ll make something of it.


I’d like to add - I really love that a bunch of the new sounds have REALLY long reverb and delay. It’s great.


Vintage and Cluster are just Electric Pianos with some effects on them from what it seems like, and Radiant sounds more like an edited traditional piano. Orbit is right on the edge of sounding like an edited electric piano or an edited piano.


I’ll probably update the Auxy Sound Wiki sooner or later with this info


Love it.


This pack is neat. I’ll definitely be using it in the future.


Oohhh yeahhhh


The basses are kind of trash tbh


I like the Leads tho


Kinda agree xD

Everything else is perfect tho


The only bass I’d say is legit trash is Velvet. Bubble is a synth upright bass and Object is a beautifully gritty fuzz bass, like Gravel but more full.


Velvet is a bass guitar synth


I like it


I’m sorta in the middle with the Velvet.




tbh my favorite sound on this pack is Clever. if paired with synths like Allen, it can pass as some oriental instrument, and that’s pretty rad.


I love the tropical feel to clever.


I actually really love these sounds now that I’m using them for a really cool chill trap track