Standard Deviation Pack - Thoughts?


y’all know what to do


It’s a blessing. Every instrument sounds amazing and I will no doubt make use out of this pack.

Really happy about this one and can’t wait to use it.


Kind of gives me that chill vibe that you’d expect from the melodic percussion demo pack. Definitely a different change considering some of the packs we’ve gotten this year have been EDM driven, but it’s not a bad change. Don’t know if I’d see myself using this pack for the music I make but I’ll see what good of a use it can be put to :+1:t3:

Velvet sounds real gritty when overlapped on the same octave as well as it being a nice sub bass. I do like orbit and loner as well :ok_hand:t3:


It sounds sick. It’s definitely a step in a great direction, a nive break from the hardcore stuff but with lots of potential for many styles. I’ve been wanting a more atmospheric pack for a while, I’ve even suggested it before but I did t really expect it to happen!

Also, the very beginning of the demo sounds kinda like something I wrote before. Thought that was kinda cool.


I really like this! I also love how we got it so early in the month.


All I know is that I got roasted when I opened the Standard Deviation Demo.

All jokes aside of course. The sound pack is displayed as if the instruments were “ambient.” But with a few automations and layering, the almost indefinite ambient sounds can be turned into another genre.


YES!!! But no… my subscription expired

my first post since oct 23 btw


I’m slightly disappointed, but the basses are growing on me. But that’s okay— I’ll eventually grow to find a use for these sounds. That’s what excites me.


Thank you Rob Martland. Very cool.


I really like these. I don’t do set genres so these will be useful to me.


Figures I would miss something big while at work and having a job fair to attend to today. Another reason I really wish I was home right now xD can’t wait to see what this’ll be all about


This is gonna be fun


Wasn’t too thrilled upon hearing about the types of instruments in the pack (as we already have lots of chill sounding instruments) but upon trying it out… holy crap I’m in love. My inspiration just came back. I dig these sounds!!



Great to see the return to outside producers/sound designers for this pack. The sound quality is excellent and really allows the app to shine with the new samples, as evidenced by the demo project. I hope to see more packs like this in the future, despite being grateful to @Fredrik for all the hard work he’s done into designing the self-published Auxy packs which are still fantastic. This sentiment comes from more of a business standpoint, as it will definitely help Auxy branch out more with big name producers endorsing the project in such a manner.

These sounds really fit an atmospheric type of song, something I wish I had when creating my most recent track xD Perhaps it would be a good idea to do something again in the same style as that.


it’s prettyyyy


I am sorry my friend. Subscription loss matters.
1 like = 1 Subscription :cry::pray:


I really like these! Definitely gonna use these in the future.


Anyone noticed that Radiant is an edited piano? :stuck_out_tongue:


I did


Vintage kind of sounds like one of the vintage keys Pianos with a longer release