Spotify Distribution - Don't Get Scammed!


If you plan on doing label releases, DistroKid is the way to go. From my label experience some/most labels use DistroKid for distribution. Not sure how that would work with Amuse.

Also, you can get a huge discount from DistroKid if you sign up and wait 24-48 hours for them to send an email giving you a discount. Wait a little longer got another email giving you a better discount, and boom you get like 45% off.


Sorry, but I’m going to have to completely disagree with this unless you are willing to pay $80 a year for multiple artist names, compared to their normal $20 a year plan. If you’re big enough to generate enough money to pay for that, chances are you’re big enough to get into Repost Network, which is not only much better for labels but also free other than a royalty cut.

(I use Repost Network for label distribution for Frontier, LUNCH BOX, and a couple others that I help out with)

DistroKid’s pricing (as of posting time):


minus the 45% discount. So like 45 a year, which is about as much as an Auxy subscription. Doesn’t seem that bad tbh if you want to be a label

Assuming the 45% discount is still a thing and available


No, 45% comes down to $80 a year. It’s usually $120 a year. Merry Christmas!



Isn’t this a separate thing? Am very confused


That works for the first artist tier but I have tried it for labels and it only takes off about 20% iirc. :cry:


Ah ok. I don’t know about these things thanks for filling me in :sunglasses:


:ok_hand: I learned everything the hard way so you don’t have to!


Does Repost Network let you operate as your own label?
It looks like everything on Beatport is released as ‘Repost Network’?


Yes, but Beatport is the one store where they can only distribute to one artist page