Spotify Distribution - Don't Get Scammed!


This is great! I’ve tried both RouteNote and Amuse as well as checked out several others. RouteNote really sucks! They are difficult to contact and and sometimes they don’t respond. When I tried releasing a song it took too long and i ended up switching to Amuse. I asked them to remove the song once it actually went up but they didn’t respond. Luckily it did get taken off eventually so I could re upload with Amuse.

I highly recommend Amuse! It’s incredibly easy to use, as log as you have Dropbox or google drive, and usually takes less than 5 minutes to submit a song. As for my experience with customer service: they’ve responded within two days and have bees extremely helpful. So far I’ve earned a dollar using Amuse and I plan on continuing to use it. :+1:


Same here. I’ve had no issues. If you email them on the weekend, you may have to wait until Monday, but I would expect that for a free service.


Little tip if you’re considering signing up to DistroKid…

I registered a couple of days ago (meaning, they had me email), but I never actually signed up for an account.

Today, I received a new discount offer - 35-61% off, to entice me.

So, if you’re thinking of going with DistroKid, sign up / create an account, but wait a couple of days for the extra discount offer to come through. The offer lasts for 48 hours.


I’ll probably be grabbing the ‘Musician Plus’ account today, even though I’m still a month or two away from being ready to undo anything with it.


I don’t know if Landr’s distribution service was mentioned, but Ive used it so, I’ll give my lil spiel.

Well, I was about to release my track (I’ve had it for over a year), everything was rolling out smoothly, but then, there was an issue with sample clearance. Normally, it would have been no big deal, but for some reason, Landr’s support is not very good. I emailed them to explain about the samples, but they haven’t even responded. It’s been over a month, and the track is still not out, and still no response.
After that little experience, I’m not so sure Landr is the best for anything outside of automation. If you have a track with no samples, no issues, no problems, then you’re golden. But, the moment you have to talk to an actual human being, things go south.

Ps. I’m not just complaining over one time that Landr hasn’t been punctual with its response. I’ve actually had even more examples of their “support” with their sample library, . It wasn’t so nice.


I’m going to add some information on Repost Network:

Repost Network

Repost Network is pretty new and is used by a lot of big artists.

Price: Free to use, 30% cut
Release Moderation Speed: Up to 2 days
Release Upload Speed: Up to 2 days after moderation
Support Speed: usually 1 day
Support Quality: Pretty high (you should know what to ask though)
Interface Quality: Very good!!

I’d also add:

  • They have a lot of features built-in, such as to view all the copyright claims on YouTube, plus you can easily submit videos for manual claims
  • You have to get at least 7,000 plays per track + good engagement to apply


aight then


I’d say this might make it hard for most people to join. :wink:


This was very helpful, so thank you!


Amuse is definitely the best one here. I know from personal experience. I recommend Amuse.


Personally, I’ve been using Routenote ever since I started uploading music to spotify.
Honestly, it’s not as bad as people make it seem. Sure, the website is admittedly pretty slow, but other than that it works basically perfectly for me. I’ve never had any issues with distribution, and (in my experience) it takes about 2-4 days to get a song approved then like 1-2 days for it to appear on Spotify, so really not that long. However I know my experience with routenote might be different from others, just wanted to share how it worked for me.


You’ve tried them all?




Thanks fo the whole explanation it helped a lot


Could take the US route and go for ‘aka Bill Stickers’.

That said, things have moved on since then.
I’m now trying to lock down a name for a fourth identity — with the need for a fifth one on the horizon. :roll_eyes:


why so many names?


Too much variety in my output to make it work under a single moniker.
(It’s often best to focus on a single genre or sound for each artist profile. Audiences are simple beasts. :wink:

My IDM stuff isn’t likely to appeal to the same listeners as my retro-synth, electro-pop or jazzy stuff.

Until I manage to synthesise it all into one unique signature sound… :slight_smile:


I see, do they all follow the “aka” scheme?


That was going to be the plan, but I didn’t stick to it - e.g. ‘Grand Narrows’, ‘A Black Node’, …
While some identities use ‘aka’ in some way, I’ll likely use it as a unifying label-level motif going forward - e.g. ‘aka snd’ (aka sound).

Still v early days across all my musical output, so everything is subject to change, as better ideas/plans occur to me.


I have, and recommend Amuse for Auxy users who want an app & don’t want to pay $20 a year. If you’re okay with a website and paying $20 a year, use DistroKid.


Amuse is a good solution, there’s not a big reason not to use it unless you want more features and stats.