Split screening glitch on iPad?


I just got my new iPad and was trying to look for some progressive house examples on YouTube with Auxy opened up while YT was open on the side as a window, and I was gonna test out the rhythm I made based on the songs I listened to, then suddenly niether a synth or drum sound played when a note was placed nor when the project was played. Is it a bug? Or is it because of insufficient RAM?
Model using: iPad 6th (iPad 2018)


prob more so just a glitch from switching between the youtube audio to Auxy.


It could be, because when I press play on YT, it plays but when I do it with the audio playing at the same time, it shows the stop button on Auxy but the scan line that moves when in editor doesn’t appear, so maybe if I pause the audio and play the project, it might fix the issue, but I’ve noticed that glitch back when I had my iPhone 6 when music from another app was playing and nothing happened. Thanks for your insight!


I have noticed that the playback in Auxy gets kind of agitated when you start working with any other audio (another audio app, a website with audio, etc). It’s even worse with Bluetooth audio outs.

A quick and dirty fix might be to enable Link in Auxy (this is the same trick that will let it play in the background). Things seem to go a little smoother with Link enabled. Just be careful if you’re working with other link enabled apps because your tempo can go nuts.

It might be worth shooting off an email to feedback@auxy.co especially if you can reproduce the issue


Unfortunately simultaneous audio does not work with split view using any apps (or even websites) I believe. What you’re describing is just Auxy’s way of saying: “I also don’t support simultaneous audio in split view/ overlapping apps.” (I have an IPad Pro so I’m kind of use to this :P)


I can’t imagine how Auxy would react with other DAWs in the background active, because YouTube is just a video streaming app, but with something like Garageband or FL, it might freak out. Earlier I was doing it with an AUX connected to a Bluetooth/AUX speaker, so I’d expect the same result with the iPad’s speakers.


We have done some general improvements to keeping the audio intact when relaunching the app so hopefully this should resolve this case too.