Spitfire - NotMiles :spotify:

Yep! From now on, imma try to release songs on SoundCloud and Spotify simultaneously.

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Shouldn’t we start your favorite month off with June




Bit late to the party on this one, but very glad I turned up.

A fantastic piece of work!
Congrats and kudos.

Sonically, it really appeals to my Heathen AKA persona. :+1:
Reminded me of my Can’t Go Back track, though Spitfire is a significantly more intelligent composition, imo.

At one point, the build in the early part of the second half, it felt like you were building up for a dnb drop.
I was thinking “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” as you would have lost me.
Thankfully you didn’t.

(That said, while not my genre, I think it would slay with a quality dnb remix.)

I wasn’t sold on the closed hi-hat sound in the early part. Felt it could have been a little more subtle, but a minor quibble.

Compositionally, you do one of my favourite things - moving between minor and major, and resolving minor to major. (It’s one I keep coming back to.)

That slide and lead that comes in ~2:26… dayyum! Put a big smile on my face.
Epic melody. Just a fantastic choice.

The slide sounded pure Giorgio Moroder and/or Sub Focus :+1:

That lead melody does get a wee bit muddy. Possibly too much release or reverb causing overlap on the tighter parts of the melody, leading it to lose a little clarity in parts, but entirely forgivable.

(I’m often guilty of the same sin. We’re so familiar with our own melodies, we can still follow them when they’re a little buried in the mix, when others hearing them for the first time might not discern it.
Some judicial use of shape or volume automation to subtly shorten notes in the tighter parts generally cleans things up.)

Fwiw, I was satisfied by 3:30, when I thought we were done, but you had more to give.
(Just pointing out that a 3:30 edit would still be a satisfying track.)

It’s rare that I’m enjoying a track so much that I want to head over here to heap praise on the producer before the track has even finished playing. Had to fight that instinct with this track.

Great work! Quality stuff!


With quality music like that, I honestly think it’s time to fix up on your artwork and logo. In my (professional and not so humble) opinion, they’re not living up to the quality of that music and could potentially reduce the number of people who give your stuff a chance.

P.S. Followed on Spotify :+1:

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Not the logo!

:notmiles: :heart:

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Wow, bro.
How rude.


I agree with you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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I trust that @NotMiles can withstand my unsugared plain-speaking. :wink:


Really awesome track. 10/10 on the execution. 10/10 on the whole track

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Thank you so much @akabillposters! I’m glad you liked it so much!

I absolutely love doing this. Personally, I don’t think I do it enough.

I’m constantly worried that the length of my songs would turn people off to my music, but I’m glad the length added to your enjoyment.

The logo is non-negotiable, it’s just so…me. Plus, it’s become pretty recognizable within the Auxy community, so it may be just as recognizable outside of it. As for the artwork…I’m working on it. I came into this whole thing with no knowledge of graphic design. I’m pretty much learning as I go. Could I just ask an actual graphic designer for art? Yeah, probably, but I like doing it myself. Idk, I’m stubborn sometimes.

Thanks @XLXK

Forgive the epic. Just trying to steer you clear of the rocks…

At the risk of sounding like an a**ehole (though not intending to), I’d scroll past an artist with that logo.
It simply wouldn’t lead me to think it’s credible enough to spend time checking out.
In this case, that would be my loss, of course, but it’s typical of the snap judgements potential listeners make.

Genre, artist name, track names, artist visually identity, cover art… they’re all filters we use to decide what to check out and what to scroll past.

If you’re wedded to the upside down cat idea, have you thought about updating it or doing it in a different style? Maybe an illustrated version?

Similarly, unless you’re serious about becoming able to create good artwork - and willing to hold off on music releases until you are more capable - then maybe seek out good/better designers who can help for either a small fee, credit or some other reciprocal arrangement.
Maybe check out fiverr and consider using it for tracks you’ll be releasing on Spotify, etc…

Don’t let your current design ability be something that limits your current music.
It’s worth a little (more) cash to give your music a better fighting chance.

(Tbh, I wouldn’t put too much standing on what ‘works’ for this community. It’s a very small, very niche bubble and not representative of the musical world I presume we’d all like to be part of. As I mentioned elsewhere today, the atmosphere is very encouraging and accepting of less than great output - and that can be great. But, it’s certainly less discerning than the world outside. Consequently, was passes for ‘good’ here might not be ‘good enough’ out there.
It’s a nice environment for early growth, but at some point, anyone who’s serious about their music is gonna need to test their stuff in a more advanced, more competitive environment.
What you can ‘get away with’ on SC might not cut the mustard on Spotify.

SC is perceived as having a low barrier to entry, meaning you’ll have amateurs on there too, whereas Spotify is typically seen as professional music streaming service with semi-pro/pro artists, so audiences will be less accepting towards things that don’t appear to meet that expectation.

I wouldn’t give the visual discernment of my first 100 (inorganic) listeners too much weight. I certainly wouldn’t ‘lock’ my identity based on such limited input.
Of course, if this community is highly representative of your target audience, then I guess you’re set. :slight_smile:

And of course, it’s entirely up to you. If you’re really attached to it, then (sincerely) good luck.

I do hope you give it some more thought. It bothers me that worthwhile music from a worthwhile music maker might not get a fair chance because the visual identity doesn’t look tight enough to make it through people’s credibility filters, making it harder for yourself to get real traction. Which would be a shame.

This’ll be the last I mention it.

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Quick question…

That slide at ~2:26, when you go into the big lead melody.
Is it a sample? If so, where’s it from (if you don’t mind telling. It’s totally fine if you don’t. I don’t always share where I get particular samples from.)

As said, it’s got a Moroder vibe, and I’m thinking it’s possibly from a Sub Focus track, but I can’t quite recall where I’ve heard it before.

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Everything in this song is from Auxy. It’s a pitch bend + Tone automation on Silk.

Just to put things into perspective a bit… https://www.gigwise.com/photos/51637/The-20-Worst-Band-Logos-Of-All-Time

Some of these are not small time groups (not NOT safe for work, some contain religious imagery? If that sort of thing ruffles yer feathers).

Cooper is aight. I have no problem with him, he seems pretty chill and makes a good sample :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t make me not listen to your stuff. I do think that everyone has different criteria for what looks like a pass.

I enjoy your art, it’s not unpleasing to look at. The art for June was particularly enticing from what I remember.

I do agree though, thinking outside of just this community is a good idea. Depending on how serious you want to be about this stuff.

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Extra kudos to you, then :+1: :slight_smile:


Agreed, for 100% native Auxy very impressive. I can’t bring myself to use 100% of what’s built in, as much as I wish I could for simplicities sake…

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God damn, those logos are bad. Also, “Anal Blast”, lmao

Yeah. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh :sleepy:

I mean it’s probably not fair they seem like mostly metal bands, but there’s plenty of groups out there with just garbage logos. And they’re still popular. I get what Bill’s saying, I don’t disagree, I think it’s down to personal preference really. Like if someone hates cats they’re just gonna go “Nope nope nope”

Just guessing. But seems legit.

EDIT: Just don’t short change yourself :slight_smile: or goals

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Didn’t mean to suggest it’s really, really bad.
But, still, I generally think it’s good to aim higher than ‘not bad’.

It’s worth noting that, apart from one or two, all those ‘worst’ logos indicated something about the mood or attitude of the music.

Perhaps I’m making incorrect assumptions about the body of work based on that one track.
The track is quite rich, heavy and is a thoughtful composition.

I just don’t get that from the logo (and artwork).

Of course, the upside down cat logo does suggest something about the attitude of the music maker - e.g. lighter and less ‘serious’ in tone. If that’s accurate, that’s fine.

I just think that establishing the idea in the minds of potential listeners that a music maker with that presentation style produces music like that might be a slightly uphill battle.

Happy to be proven wrong, if it turns out that I am. :slight_smile:

Really nice track, although I think the rapping samples throughout the track are a bit out of place and make the overall sound quality a bit muddy.

EDIT: :man_facepalming: it turns out that the “rapping samples” was fredboat playing in the background of a discord call I was in :joy: Really nice track all around then.