Spam following? Does it work?

Dear Auxy community,

I have a little question, and I thought the best way to find answers would be reaching out and hearing the opinions of the artists here on the disco.

I have seen that some artists have been following a bunch of people, hoping to get some follows back

Some online websites and articles state that one way to reach out to people is to follow them. Try following as many people as possible, then, within a week or so, if they do not follow you back, unfollow them. Focus on finding people who you can exchange follows with, In order to build up your follower base, and reputation.

I have mixed feelings about this… I know me, and probably many other Auxy artists would like to increase our follwer count. However, is spam following others really that great of a way to gain followers? Should I try this myself? Or should I just wait and slowly build up followers like I have been doing (So far at 219!!! Thanks guys!!)

Anywho, any of your opinions and Ideas would be helpful,

Thanks a bunch

Daniel H.


I just feel like most of the followers would be inactive. I’d rather have less than 100 followers and 15 likes per song than 300 followers and 15 likes per song.

Edit: really curious to see an answer from someone who has tried this. Did it work? Out of everyone you got to follow you how many of them would you say are active? Would you do it again?

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Honestly, I think your time would be better spent working on your craft.


No, it doesn’t. It creates trouble for you and the artist. Particularly the artist.

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How would this create trouble? The only trouble I can see is the amount of time you’ll waste following and unfollowing everyone.

yeah, sounds like a terrible idea. The best thing to do is try and promote yourself through your own means (Soundcloud, getting on collectives/lables, Youtube, Spotify etc)

Spamming people for follows would be pretty annoying for everyone involved and also more time consuming following and unfollowing people every week than to just keep working on bettering your tracks (as @blakkaz said)

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i don’t think you should. i doubt it works 100% of the time anyways. and i wouldn’t want to know that I have 300/400 followers because i just followed someone else. also, since following counts are public, anyone can view it and tell that that’s how you could’ve gained some.

i would probably only do it if you have, say, 297 followers or something haha. i’ve seen people follow me who follow 2,000 people, most of which are completely random and have no tracks.

A bit of logic and deductive reasoning would do some good for a question like this.

There is ultimately no one right answer, but you need to weigh different factors in.

  • Your time spent (especially vs. spending it on something else like actually producing)

  • Potential payoff (how many actual return followers are you likely to get and how active will they be)

  • The usefulness of that payoff (what reason do you have for getting followers in this matter and will they help you grow as an artist).

Most producers that are full time in the music industry end up promoting and distributing their music far more than they actually produce. However, the means in which they do this do not include mass following / unfollowing. So unless you are interested in looking into real ways to get more into music production as a profession or at least a more serious side hobby, I would not spend your time following people and unfollowing people. It’s likely to yield relatively few followers especially for the work put in, they’ll likely have low engagement, and it’ll most importantly take away your time that you could be spending on writing and making music (or engaging in real methods of expanding).