Space Odyssey - Bravadonew [Collab? Project]

Space Odyssey


Sounds pretty nice. I might see if I can work on it.

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Thanks let’s do this :+1:

Hey again, here’s an update on what I’ve done so far

Hey @Eswyn here’s the final piece let me know what you are going to add to it because this is a collab after all:

Sorry for the late response. I’ve been extremely busy lately so I didn’t get a chance to check it out. I like where it’s going, but I’m having a kind of creative crash right now. Nothing I’m doing seems to be working. I’ll try and work on it a bit but it might be awhile. I’d be fine with doing a 3 way Collab if you’d like, so you could pass it on to someone else for a bit.

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Sure no worries hakuna matata :+1:

@AnirudhKhanna how do you feel about joining our collab

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I would love to collab! Let me first take a look at the latest project link

Sure :+1:

Is it ok if I rearrange the scenes?

Also, can I change the drop? It sounds exactly like the beginning melody, and oof I think it needs to be changed

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Sure I had no idea what to do as a drop melody so tried to make it as simple as possible send me link update when you’re done

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@AnirudhKhanna finished it yet bro

@AnirudhKhanna when are you finished it

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Oh crap I forgot about this

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Sorry about forgetting about this but think we should push on with this!