Sp33chless - Fly Little Island - [Dubstep, Melodic]

Fly Little Island - (Dubstep, Melodic) https://soundcloud.com/superlativerxns/float-little-island/s-20K0m - This track is about my daughter. I am currently in the midst of a very painful custody battle. My daughter’s name is Isla, and it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to see her. This song is about the heavy emotions I feel because of my daughter being weaponized against me, but these heavy emotions are juxtaposed with my wish for my daughter to be happy and healthy - even if for the moment she has to be without me. So “Fly Little Island” means no matter how far away she flies, she always has a place to become grounded again.

Hey there!
Very cool track! I’ve listened to most of the tracks you have posted today. Something I would recommend, on a promotion basis, is to combine all your recent tracks into an EP. I saw that you have made 5 threads, one for each track. Possibly to help your audience to better reach each song, compile them all into a playlist, EP, or album, then make one post here! Then you could put all the stories behind your tracks… something I definitely respect. Great job with everything you have done… keep it up! Just maybe consider posting your tracks on one respective thread!

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