South Shuffle - Southborne [House] [EDM]

Hey guys! Been working on this for almost a year… It never really came together until last night XD
More of a housey piano thing- kinda like my old track “house of old”


Loved it :ok_hand:
Good job

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South smashes it again.

But, I think you should post a video of you shuffling, even if it’s just your legs. Show us your skillz!!! I dare ya!


so cool

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Don’t mind me. I’m just shuffling to this sick beat!

This thing sounds mainstream. That’s how you know it’s good. Keep it up!!! Is that a vocal chop I hear? :thinking: Or tonsil?

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Wow…just wow! This is so good. Nailed it again. Is that cowbell I hear at 2:52?? More cowbell!! :joy:

EDIT: Totally thought I was following you on SoundCloud. Wondered why I hadn’t seen this in my feed. You are now being followed. :eyes:


I’m gonna have to learn some shuffle dancing and perform at my school’s talent show to this beat. love it :heart:

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Just amazing…

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Perfecto :+1:t3:

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Sick use of tonsil! And epic chords!

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