Source - Mister Master

------ Lick this to listen to the SOURCE ------


My computer screen is wet now… :cry:


Bet it’s cleaner too!

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Nice funky feel! I think the bass in the earlier parts of the song should be a little smoother. :slight_smile:

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Thanks SB. Can you explain what you mean by “smoother”.

I mean, I’m super smooth myself == OH YEAH, OBVIOUSLY, WE ALL KNOW THAT == , but not so sure how to make my bass smoother? Are you suggesting sound setting / automation tweaks, or note tweaks?

I think it sounds a bit rough, kinda like the Pasta sound. Maybe a lowpass decrease? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, I’ll have a play.

Really unique style you have going on. Always great to see people doing new things with Auxy. :ok_hand:

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I guess that’d how the janitor would think :wink:

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