Soundtrack Challenge


I’m working on a project with some friends and I’m the music coordinator. I figured I should make a contest for anyone who wants to make or find a good Auxy-made soundtrack for a project. It doesn’t matter how you make this outside these rules.

  1. Must be more than 2 minutes long
  2. Must have a title
  3. Must not be a song you’ve already made
    3a. Can be a work in progress you haven’t posted

This project doesn’t have a deadline and instead will have announced winners when I get ten or more submissions. You can submit to me at my email, Any song that meets the requirements but did not win in the top 3 will still be posted, as this is less about finding a soundtrack and more about helping other people find them.

Remember, a soundtrack can be anything as long as it tells a story or conveys an emotion of some kind.


You might need to elaborate on it being a “sound track”


Tells a story Yes
Compliments something else. YES

Generally ask yourself, if you put a video to this would it be considered a music video or a video with music.

The music should be able to be put onto a visual and not overpower the visual.

If that doesn’t help, I don’t know. I’m more poetic in my writing so I’m better at vague hints than down to earth sentences


So music to serve more as a background than a main focus?


Exactly. This contest is also serving a second purpose as a collective soundtrack bank, for People who might need one for various projects.


Tried to make it mystic and full…


I’m intrigued by this challenge.
I make background/soundtrack-ish stuff a lot and never use it for anything really. Here’s a couple, tell what ya think, if this any where close to what you’re talking about.


Definitely good! I could see this as a background for an indie rpg or something like that.


Love these! Personally prefer the second, it reminds me of Portal 2.


Man I haven’t played portal 2 in ages, may have to pick it up again. Thanx :+1:t2:

Inspired by subnautica.