Sounds that feature filter reso

Although all the sounds feature filter cut off, I’m looking for the ones that also have the ability to tweak resonance. For example, both Atom and Bee allow you to tweak it in the tone function. Are there any other sounds like this? Resonance is pretty crucial for anything close to a filtersweptt pad, an acid line, or a dub techno or house filtered cord.


More of the original sounds can do that I’m pretty sure

Not sure about that. A lot of the tone controls are for modulation or distortion actually… Of course some of the preset sounds have a reso tweak baked in …

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I don’t know much about resonance or filter sweep, but do these help?
- Climb
- Blob
- Silo

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Resonance takes the point of where the filter is cutting and makes that point in the EQ spectrum a lot stronger. If you take Bee and turn up the tone control, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Only bee had intended resonance controls. Kiss technically was created through resonance too, but other sounds didn’t have much resonance put on the synths. This control is only baked in directly to these sounds, although a few other sounds have resonant-like properties.

I doubt it’s going to be a priority of course. I’d recommend importing a sample that does the trick if you’re determined to do it in Auxy.

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Yes, that’s what I use Groovebox for… or iSEM. But Atom definitely has reso in the tone control. I suspect there are a couple others .

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I was playing around with the old Auxy music basic version, the green one, before the recent Jam update, and I noticed that using the filter control on that, it definitely seems to have some resonance baked in to the filter itself, when you do a sweep, it is much more dramatic than the ones in AUXY studio, which are kind of flat,

Just a thought, but if incorporating filter reso is one level of complexity too far and too much redesign on the interface, perhaps you could have a switch on the filter to go between “normal“, like it is now, and “enhanced“ which would be more like the filters in the old green Auxy music