Soundcloud upload bug

So I’ve been trying to upload something to SC but every time I hit upload the bar shows that the uploads been completed and then the app says upload failed. I tried closing the app, clearing all my renders, and reconnecting my SC account but nothing worked. Any ideas about what could have happened?

Edit: went to soundcloud, and it seems like every time it uploaded worked


Usually it says that the upload failed, but check your soundcloud account. For me this happened, but they got posted anyways


Ok thanks

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Might be worth rebooting device too. Every now and then I see weird stuff in all different kind of apps and that usually helps.


This did happened to me once when I uploaded my new SC track “exposed”. And when I check SoundCloud, it actually did work.

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Same thing happens to me

Exactly what happened to me as well

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It’s just a little glitch. However… It is nice to have the ease of access of “your track is now posted, copy and/or share link” immediately pop up. To fix this, just restart your Apple device by holding the power button and home button, or power button and increase volume button (for newer devices).



True my dude.

Had the same issue. Accidentally posted the same track 4 times :sweat_smile:



My sc acct got deleted
I don’t know who did this
I’m kinda mad now . . .


Please don’t go into diva mode.


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It’s okay when you lose your account (well if a lot of work in there, well it’s NOT REALLY okay.) so just chill and make a new one.

That’s my plan.
I had used 53-56% of upload time so yeah, it was a lot of work.

But it’s totally fine, I’ve got backups and such.

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Okay you know what? I am literally gonna make or give a beat to you. Since you might go for a lot of hard work.

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No, please, keep what you make. I wouldn’t want to take away an opportunity from you just because of a soundcloud bug. I appreciate the thought, though.


Anyways do you have a not good project you made? If so, then come to this topic I made! "Worst" project swap (reboot)