SoundCloud stats for the year!


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Congrats man!


Updated Stats (Joined SoundCloud March 2018) - 12/31/2018

I’m making music with Auxy that is being well received, World Wide!! I make mostly Electro SynthHop music, among many other genre mashups; and Auxy is my Main Tool of Use & Choice!! I plan on being the first break out Producer using this Application! Will you be? If so, I Hope so too!! I would love to see this community open it’s minds up to the FACT, that Auxy will be the machine behind ALOT more music than Future, House, Dub, etc. COUNT ON IT!! Happy New Year Everyone!! ~Dan


Oh, also if you wanted to know, these are my all time stats


I only recently started my soundcloud account on Dec 15, and since then, i’ve uploaded two full length original tracks, two 1min tracks for the Auxy Winter Tournament happening, and my most recent track, a remix of ‘Hydrans - Rotation’ for his competition. With only 5 tracks on my account, and having it for only roughly two months, i’ve been able to reach 300 plays total. It’s not much in comparison to other peoples stats, but i’m so thankful for everyone whos listened and critiqued my music. In the end, i really have to thank @DJ_La_Rocca, mainly because of one thing, you were one of the first people to hear my first track ‘xyz’ and because of you, it gained a lot of attraction. So I guess i owe it to you.




No worries man, just keep at it! We all need to start somewhere and only having it for two months ur doing amazing man. Trust me, it took me nearly 3 years just to get noticed. Your doing very good mate. Ever need any help dm me and if I’m available I’ll be happy to help


my first one is my main soundcloud that i’ve been using for about a year, only started posting about 7 months ago tho… the one with no plays is my auxy one that i just started at the end of december


Well… i guess i need to thank you again now. Look on Auxy’s reposts