SoundCloud stats for the year!


Wasn’t expecting that


I hit 10k this year, yippy I ay


I only started posting in July I think but I’m really happy with my stats for only being active around 6 months

The growth and support I’ve received is insane :smiley:


Oh yeh




Kinda hoped it was higher but ok. Haven’t released a song in ages so.


Better than last year


Thank you all from SoundCloud & Auxy :hugs:


thx yall (especially k-ro haha)


I’m pretty proud of the improvement I made the last months. I got more and more plays every month and I want to thank everyone who listened to my music and supported me! I hope I can continue this in 2019.


this is my non-auxy soundcloud (used to be my auxy one then i deleted my old auxy songs when i switched over to ableton back in june)



And this is mine from the last 12 months


How to see the stats in a photo?


Not bad for my first year :blush:


Select share stats on the SoundCloud Pulse app


I hope I can do better next year


What happened in August?


A rap community reposted one of my songs and some used and downloaded it. Go for as many audiences as you can.

Don’t limit yourself to just one genre. You never know what crowd calls your name