SoundCloud offering mastering now?

Good share. I think their pricing model is incredibly aggressive and not in a good way. Even if you have pro, you get what, three a month? Which for someone like me only releasing something every couple of months or so would be ok. 5 euro (almost 6 bucks USD) or whatever for a single track I don’t think is amazing, since I’ve gotten results I’m very happy with using both Grand Finale and Barkfilter.

I suspect folks here who have tried it aren’t happy because they’re not dumping an uncompressed export from Auxy. You’re taking something that already has been piped through a limiter and compressor, EQ etc and basically running it up the flagpole, again… so yeah, it’s going to be quiet or not what you’re expecting.

From 13:15 in this video and on is the important part. The mix is king. If your mix is crazy then any amount of mastering is not going to help. A pig with lipstick is still a pig, yeah?


I think committing to €5 (or one of your 3 free SC Pro slots) based on only a preview of a 30-sec slice makes using it a bit of a leap in the dark. If it doesn’t turn out how you wanted/expected, you need to spend another €5 (or another of your 3 free slots) to try again.

If you change the track later, which SC know is a popular feature (replacing the audio file is an SC Pro feature), then you need to spend another €5/Pro slot to remaster the new version of the audio file.

Simply doesn’t scale, imo.

At least, imo, it doesn’t make sense in light of how other SC Pro features seem to be oriented.

I like to spend a few days or even weeks passively/actively listening to a ‘mastered’ version while it’s still in production. So, I’ll often go through multiple cycles of updating, remastering and reviewing tracks before putting them out.

This makes an unlimited, all-you-can-eat option the best option.

…and makes SC’s mastering feature a non-starter for me, no matter how good it is (which is still in question).


Fwiw, CloudBounce (which I use) are doing a deal on their annual unlimited account ($59/year)…


$59/y for unlimited AI mastering. Loads more control than the SC offering, including genre presets which you can as-is, or combine them with the other adjustment options*.

+ you can preview the whole track before committing to a master.

+ they keep all your mastered tracks backed up.



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ChosenMasters real-time online mastering app is lightyears ahead of Soundcloud and the other mastering engines…

Thanks for the post. It’s always good to get news about new tools.

As to how CM compares to others… I’m not sure that I agree with you.
I did a sound comparison of a current WIP in both CloudBounce (app) and ChosenMasters, and tbh, I think CloudBounce did a better job.

If anything, the CM mix sounded a little muddy in the mids, or rather, CB sounded to have done a better job of bringing some clarity and balance to my mids, though that’s possibly bc it offers more control.

I won’t be ditching CB just yet.