SoundCloud offering mastering now?




Ohh nice

Question is, is it any good?


Noticed it the other day. In short: it sucks.

All the presets make your track quieter and just kinda boost areas depending on the preset

The default auxy mastering and probably 99% of the mastering anyone else could do in a DAW would yield better results.


I’m pretty happy with Grand Finale still and in more recent months Barkfilter

I don’t agree, this mastering can really help people to improve the music

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Exemple of song with the new mastering :

yea I tried the preview and it lowers the sound so it’s really quiet, I think auxy does a better job anyway

I tried a preview as well, as I just saw the option and thought “why not take a look”. Some of the presets seemed to be really similar to the original track, and I think only one of them sounded half decent, but definitely not worth $5.

You could literally do the exact same thing for free by exporting the .wav file of your track from Auxy to GarageBand and use its default visual EQ effect or any other EQ “audio unit” to boost whatever frequencies you want, as well as compression and whatnot and then export it right to SoundCloud. Given that everyone here must have some form of iOS device and GarageBand is completely free, this is definitely a better way to go.

Edit: That is, if you want to master at all. You can already mix quite well in Auxy, so mastering may not even be necessary. It depends on what you want.


I agree with most of the above posts.
I checked it out. I wasn’t listening on my reference headphones, but the options were quite basic.

With that tool, it seems they’re aiming for those who don’t master at all. So, not at all sophisticated.
Perhaps this is MVP, as the tool’s currently quite unsophisticated for something with Dolby driving it — presumably aimed at more serious music makers (though still pre-pro).

I’m not sure the model of paying £x based on a 20 second section preview will be one that gets massive adoption outside of that ‘serious hobbyist’ audience. Even with 3 freebies per month, I’d likely not trust it till I heard the whole track.
So, it’s likely aimed at uploaders who aren’t super fussy – even within those who use automated mastering.

All that said, imo, it’s potentially a stroke of business genius to have that kind of tool available on SC — i.e. to put it where the rubber meets the road on releasing music. I think they’ve got a great platform to start rolling in those kinds of complementary services (like they have with digital distribution and promotion).

As far as automated mastering goes, I’ll be sticking with CloudBounce Unlimited for now, which has far more control.

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The mastering is very very important, i have difficulties to do it with Auxy because there is no Master channel. With my subscription, the mastering is free on Soundcloud. Guys, if masteriser job exist, it’s because it’s important and difficult. Don’t have the pretension to say that’s easy.

True, though presumably not too difficult for a well trained AI to do a ‘good enough’ job for the millions more music makers we have compared to previous generations.

The difference between what a trained, experienced AI can achieve and a trained, experienced (human) pro is getting smaller all the time.

Tbh, I can’t see there being much of an audio mastering industry left in 10 years.

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Yes, and now IA music producers exist.

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For those that have tried it, did you upload a ‘master’ from Auxy, or did you bounce the stems and prep elsewhere?

I can’t imagine this is going to work very well without the usual 3-6dB of headroom.


Same. That’s why I’m guessing it’s sounding “quiet” according to those using it here from the forum.

Ive played around with some of the mastering options soundcloud now offers, and they really just remind me of automation options Auxy offers. It just sounds like soundcloud is applying extra chorus, bitcrusher, or phaser for a few of the options. I personally don’t see a need to spend 5 bucks on something you could change in Auxy for free.

Not too impressed either. It didn’t seem to boost the quality of the sound or elevate the highs and lows as much as I was hoping. Guess what @sn.ow.y said is the best. Just export audio to like GarageBand or ableton or some other DAW with and EQ and do what you want without set presets. :man_shrugging:

Popular mix and mastering channel reviews SoundCloud’s new automated mastering feature…

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