SoundCloud & Marketing UPDATE - Ekstrak

New song coming out tomorrow (11-9-2018). Here’s what I will do. It will be streaming in stores, but I’ll upload it to SoundCloud as a section of it. I will most likely keep this rule until I gain enough clout. So, what do you think? Please tell me down below.

Neat, I can’t post polls. That’s nice.


I really don’t like artists that post only on Spotify or only have paid music, regardless of what it is. I’m a mobile user and I don’t want to go through ads or payments to listen to a track.


But see the artist has to get a start in the business aspect somehow and if that’s isn’t with free teasers and paid full tracks then that is how they should do it

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Good music (not an insult just a general thing) promotion to labels or promo channels outside the community. There are lots of decent size artists with the majority of their tracks being free and eventually moving to more stores so ppl pay for tracks with albums n other label releases.

You could also imagine it like a YouTube channel. Most people would probably start just having their content without trying to promote a patron or something to get revenue (besides maybe monitizing the channel, but new YT guidelines so…). If you come out of the gate without a decent sized audience trying to get people to buy your stuff, you probably won’t make it far.

I just see this as backwards. How do you expect to build any sort of following if people don’t know who you are and your music would be spreading at a much slower pace because you force people to actually drop $$ from the beginning.

Or maybe imagine it like Auxy today. It grew very quickly while things were still useable as a “free app” but when they changed platforms to a basic Demo app (teaser) and the rest locked behind a pay wall, things around here have slowed down significantly. I don’t see Auxy becoming as big as it was if they started with the subscription from day 1 (ik it used to be a paid app, but I mean since it went free till now with the sub.)


i see your point, i was just trying to play devil’s advocate