Soundcloud Glitches

Not sure what category to put this in, but…
My Soundcloud has been glitching A Lot.
And I know there isn’t really anything you guys can do but maybe some of you are also experiencing this and also I thought I’d just tell you.
This is a picture from a message conversation. This is what it claims how long ago each message was sent. It’s supposed to make the oldest at the top, and that is what it did, but the timing was very off.

Whenever I write a comment it says I wrote it 37 minutes ago, but whenever someone else writes a comment, it was written 36 minutes ago. Above is a picture of a comment which happened within a minute. And just for the record, the comment I replied to was not written 36 minutes ago. It had just been written.
And apparently the oldest comment on this track was written ‘Just now ago’. You can also see that the comment above it was written a month ago. This has happened many times for me, putting the comments in the order they were written but reversing the dates.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know

-Mr Mooo

Ooops. :grin:
Better stop for a while

A few people here have had that message suddenly start appearing today.

I suspect there’s a problem going on with SC’s service.

You might see something mentioned on their Twitter feed, if it’s widespread.


I have been writing quite a lot of comments though :smirk: