SoundCloud Bots

So, when I went to sleep, my newest song had around 25 or something plays. I wake up this morning and now it has 1.6k plays. I’m fairly certain a bot did this. What exactly is the point of making a bot that does this and what should I do about it?


Nope, sorry. That was me.


Do you have SC Pro?
If so, have you checked out the country stats? Might shed more light.


Don’t have SC pro, but I do have SC pulse. It says the top country is the USA…with 77 plays.
The top listener has 29 plays, so idk.

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That doesn’t add up…

Well now I’m just confused. It looks like those plays weren’t tracked

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Once my soundcloud without any tracks got followed by a bunch of people with thousands of followers and it kind of creeped me out so I deleted it



Maybe it’s black humor but I’D BE ACTUALLY PRETTY DARN HAPPY ABOUT 1,6k VIEWS :smiley:


I wanna be happy about it, but I find it so strange that it happened literally overnight

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Yah I get that… maybe consider changing your password just in case? Idk…

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You’re blowing up!

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Sometimes I get these messages in the PC version from people with the name User ########## (basically a user who literally just joined), and they were saying “We checked out your track and this is an opportunity to grow your fan base blah blah blah”

So, I’m pretty guaranteed that there are SC bots.


I’ve gotten those too


All of my followers are bots save for two or three

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its probably because its a good track :smile:


I gots lots of bots following me, quite annoying.

I keep getting messages from weird bots for me to enter a contest. The users are deleted now. There are also these bots with random profile photos and random names that follow me and then delete their account, thus making me lose followers. It’s like one day I have 70 followers and the next day I have 64. :thinking:


The same thing has happened to me. Idk why people make bots on SoundCloud

I think it’s funny how obvious the bots are… like when they tell you to enter some contest and the grammar is all messed up and the O’s are zeros, etc. :joy:


it’s proab bots. But missing plays are (sometimes) supposedly from people using something like ingognito mode or some other way to hide themselves. Soundcloud i guess cant detect the device used, but it knows that your track was played

(idk if that’s 100% true, i’ve just heard that)


I think SC should have some sort of thing where only fully verified accounts count as an actual view.

I get that too, Also, I get the bots that say something like “your track is really good we can really make some money off it”

p.s. First time I saw a bot say that to me I stared at the computer and said “Bruh…for real”
Stupid bots