SoundCloud Alternatives

In preparation for the imminent demise of the platform of SoundCloud, is like to use this thread as a brainstorm and sharing thread for other platforms that we could migrate to as a community. Audiomack and Audius are the most prominent alt SoundCloud style sites I’ve seen. What do you guys think?


Bandcamp looks like itd be a good alt as well. YouTube is another one that could be useful too. Plus you can add sicc visuals.

edit: and newgrounds as well


I think people overestimate the effect that a small portion of users switching platforms has on such a large scale streaming service like SoundCloud.

Sure, some people are definitely not going to be able to upload at least temporarily due to track count but you’d be surprised what people can do to adapt (making alts, releasing with labels, purging old tracks, etc.) Not to mention the fact that it’ll take even a successful steadily growing SoundCloud competitor years to reach even a fraction of the influence and user base that SoundCloud has.

With that said, do I recommend diversifying resources to other platforms both as a safeguard and as a way to expand the audience you can reach? Definitely. But I don’t recommend doing it under the premise that a SoundCloud Armageddon is underway and therefore ignoring it as the useful resource that it is.


Although I think using more platforms is great with or without a track/minutes maximum.
YouTube is good. With the ability to add visuals (already possible in mobile) and it is very big.
Haven’t looked a lot at it but Audius can probably work very well, it is very new though so it will be harder to get more followers and plays.
Also Spotify and Bandcamp are options.
Ps. don’t mind me pretending to be like Arimyth, I’m just giving ideas and telling what I think word best etc.

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I pared 36 tracks down to 8. It’s not that hard. My entire catalog is otherwise available on BandCamp. SC will just be a place to dump a wip for very temporary listening, and to hold the latest works. I think that’s about it. YMMV.



SoundCloud has responded to the backlash. Upload limits are not going to be changing on December 9th.


Damn. Well, I’d been meaning to clean house a bit anyway.

Oh well.

Just got the email! Super excited to see this