Sound Quality of the Platform (SoundCloud)



Has anyone noticed slight, if not significant decrease with sound quality on SoundCloud when uploading track?

Mixes are usually satisfying during production (in app) and after compression (built in) as well. Really pleasing to listen finished tracks saved in notes but I t’s odd to feel different when listening the uploaded version on SoundCloud.

Does the platform limit the full potential of the products?

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Soundcloud streams @ 64kbps Opus.

It sounds horrible.


as @blakkaz said, yes there is a decrease in quality on soundcloud’s side.

I actually remember making a topic about this last year when SC changed their streaming quality, but unfortunately the fix is no longer available on the chrome store nor the original tweet by Direct (the guy who coded the fix)


Soundcloud really should just be a resume. You throw stuff up there to offer a taste of what you do. I’d recommend using other platforms like Bandcamp. They’re way more flexible, there’s unlimited upload time, you can sell your music and merch directly from there and they don’t poop up the audio quality.

There’s other stuff like Bandcamp, but I try to drive people away from SoundCloud to Bandcamp when possible.


Thankfully I can’t tell a difference usually. However it did use to be 128kbps and it was recently knocked down to 64kbps, apparently at a higher rate or something in a different encoding. Regardless of whatever they did, there was indeed a drop of SC quality. Thankfully, Auxy always does export fully featured 16bit 44100Mhz audio files.


I don’t notice a difference tbh


I don’t notice a difference


thanks for the wisdom, lads.