Sound pack slowdown

We’ve heard no more updates to the body of the app, disappointing to most but the real ones are still paying monthly for new albeit similar sounds. In that same post from the fearless leaders we were told many more soundpacks were in the pipeline. Do we now have to tolerate paying 15 bucks or more for a soundpack because we get them every three months if that? It’s 2020, the world is screwy but can’t they be/aren’t they made remotely enough that we get new sounds as previously promised through the digital collab of terabytes or whatnot? They were even nice enough to give me a free year but have now taken like half of that back thru lack of production. And if one was to stop paying, they even snatch back the sounds that have been I guess rented to us. One out of five stars rn fellas


Maybe the App Store is the best place to make that rating and comment?

Unfortunately, there’s close to zero chance of them listening to you if you only post it here. If your honest 1/5 rating might impact whether new potential users click download on the App Store or not, then the Auxy team are more likely to start paying attention.

Alternatively (or also), unsub and, importantly, tell them why.

Sad, but true.


Not zero though! :slight_smile:

New pack just released. We feel that we’re reaching a point where adding more sounds becomes less and less valuable, since there are already a lot of sounds that cover most of the styles we’re able to make. There are certain categories of sounds that would be nice to add, but there’s unfortunately no practical ways for us to attain these sounds. E.g. orchestral sounds, pianos, and everything else that you have to record rather than synthesise. Creating those types of sounds is a huge effort and the companies that do this are not open to licensing the content to us. We’ve tried for years to acquire these types of samples.


Try reaching out to artists to make sounds for Auxy

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There’s a difference between hearing and listening. :wink:

I still believe that figuring out how to get the synth tool that’s used to create Auxy sound packs into the hands of users, and then updating the app to allow 3rd-party sound pack imports (created using that tool) is the most promising way forward.

Auxy stays useful and relevant to a segment of the users who might otherwise ‘graduate out of Auxy’ sooner.

Plug in a marketplace where users can sell packs for small figures, Auxy takes a slice, …


Without something on the horizon, you’re likely to have a steady flow into and out of the app, as numbers of users evolving beyond Auxy start to increase, as they start getting diminishing returns from the tool.

…or, likely sooner, another app comes along and eats your lunch.

The slowdown is accurate, there have been 7 new sound packs over the first 11 months of this year

You’re forgetting sample packs, including 808 and 909.

I’m not aware of any more sample packs that have been quietly added, and there are no announcements in the app.

So, 9 sound/sample packs in 11 months.

Still not really acceptable given that the original Subscription feature list included monthly sound/samples packs.

From the original Auxy 5 Announcement post

So, the in-app feature roadmap is being reduced to minor tweaks only or shut down. Are Subscribers also expected to settle for fewer sound packs than they were promised?

@lenberg, please can you address this one specifically?

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To be honest, I’d have to agree. Because before the subscription, we could pay 5$ and own a pack permanently, and once the subscription was added it was really no different because we just payed 5$ a month for a new pack, but now there will be months where we are paying 5$ for nothing.

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I’m glad I canceled when I did, considering the change of events. Just saying, this is not the way to treat paying customers, especially when the incentive for a subscription is suddenly deemed “less important”.


OK. I feel bad for starting this a day before they dropped a pack. And that 9 out of 11 months is like technically every 6 weeks, it just feels longer. This app still has so much potential to blow minds. It’s a shame the devs are giving up on it. Passion is never settling for being good enough, while always remaining humble enough learn grow and change. Maybe Lenberg & Co have lost the passion. Life happens. But if they are done with it, as they make it sound they pretty much are, maybe with enough support they could consider capping the sub price at a certain point and letting tenured users earn tiered membership status that includes unlimited access to soundpacks. Plus I kinda really want knobpacks

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Bro I just wish Auxy had some more recognition. Medly is substantially more popular and in my opinion inferior to Auxy in many ways. If they could get Auxy more popular I’m sure it would making things go faster for Auxy.


Oh yeah I forgot about the sample packs (I had unsubscribed too )
Though yeah I have to agree, 10 packs out of 12 months isn’t particularly ideal customer service…

Imagine buying a box that says 12 colouring pencils, and getting only 10. Or — I don’t eat from Maccas, but — imagine buying 12 chicken nuggets and getting only 10.

I’m not sure when they updated this But I also recall from that forum announcement, too, that there would be new sound packs and sample packs added monthly.

Anyway this was shared on the Auxy collective.. seems like there are other things going on

People have offered a lot of constructive suggestions for how Auxy could get more recognition — including nurturing their existing customer base, who could be their most vocal advocates. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a priority for them.


It’s a shame he evidently doesn’t feel more embarrassed by how little he’s doing with Auxy dev and marketing.

But, hey!

A quick glimpse at the comparative activity on the Auxy Twitter account and Lenberg’s personal Twitter account strongly suggests that building his personal profile is significantly more interesting and important to him than building Auxy’s.

His personal Twitter account has more Tweets and Follows than the Auxy account. Not surprising when Auxy has only Tweeted three times in 2020, the last of which was in May.

I can’t immediately think of a good reason for that being the case, though I’d be genuinely interested to hear Lenberg explain.

He enjoys the title of Founder, and he’s clearly an aspiring serial entrepreneur. That’s great.
It’s just that he’s not showing dedication to the bit in between — being a leader/manager doing the real work of building a good idea into a thriving and growing product/brand/company.

(Quite common in the product/design/creative industry.)