Sound Pack Demos

So they got removed with A5
Post em here

I tweaked this a long time ago so Idk if it counts


R.I.P demos
You will be missed


Do you have the demo for sig. piano

I have all demos 1-6 but no time to post them rn

I don’t have melodic percussion demo

I have all demos. I’ll post them soon

(Including the originals like 7 Skies Demo, Toast Demo, and even the beta-only “Auxy Demo”)

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I miss the excitement of hearing the new sound pack for the time as it’s installing.


The Future

Anyone have the melodic percussion demo?

AP-001 - Signature Pianos
AP-002: The Sound Of Vivrant
AP-003: 7 Skies Selection
AP-004: RAC Essentials
AP-005: Vintage Keys
AP-006: The Future
AP-007: Melodic Percussion
Acoustic Guitars Demo
Orchestral Strings Demo
Ambient Rimshots Demo
Sweet Pads Demo
Disturbing Leads Demo
Superfluidity Demo
Game Waves Demo
Hipster Horns Demo
Neurofunk Collection Demo
Retrofit Demo
Crate Digging Demo
Standard Deviation Demo
Cutting Edge Percussion Demo
Euphoric Memories Demo
Heavy Bass Demo
Intonations Vocal Chops Demo by Phluze

Cool Original Demos

Toast Demo a.k.a. Introducing Auxy


Marmalade Demo

Smoothie Demo

Yoghurt Demo


Thank you!!!

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Might as well

Pluck Pluck Go Demo

Glacial Demo

Odd Makeup Demo

Fried Risers Demo

Panic Attack Demo

Vintage Soul Demo

Dirty House Demo

Skewed Orbit Demo

Utopia Demo

Save the Ocean Demo

Vocal Cuts Demo

Sublab Demo by Zeph

Organic Drums Demo

Dark Patterns Demo

Martland Guitars Demo


I remember a specific demo project named “bass” that had used only the original auxy basses in it


I remember a song right after the release of vintage keys known as raindrops

It was very pretty