Songwriting Process?

what’s your song writing process? for me I typically start with the drop/chorus rather than the intro and then build from there. (i don’t know if that’s weird or normal haha)

…then i procrastinate for a very long time :joy:


I record myself playing live.
Basically just loop everything and jam over the top.


A lot of my tracks are different. I think drum and percussion might be the most I start with. Sometimes my progress just stops and I get stuck. I’ll bring loops over from other tracks and see how they work together. Also I’ve been making my tracks long, sometimes i think too long. I have one more I’m about done with that is close to 5 minutes. I do it by just creating different parts. I’ll try and mess around a lot like it’s a new song, but keeping same elements and feelings, and then mix them together.


I just get some inspiration and put random notes down

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First I start with the melody/chords for the drop

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I mess around with the settings on synths to get a new sound out. Then I write whatever the new sound leads me to.

Or sometimes I want to write a certain track in a certain genre so I start with a short melody and work from there.

Wtf I was thinking about this today and yesterday and was going to make a post about it!

I typically build a track as if it were a painting. From start to end but sometimes I’ll start with the main part and then build on the left and right (intro and outro and other structures in between)


I basically just start with the intro and then build from there. I love doing the lead ups.

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Usually starts with a sample, hook, maybe a vocal. Sometimes I’ll just mess around in Aum or ApeMatrix and use that as a starting point. Then built out from there.



Almost always start with chords or an arpeggio


usually i will write a melody, add bass, then somewhere in there i start writing lyrics and decide what it’s about. then drums or something.
haven’t written a good song in a while :skull:

Maybe it’s time to try a new process. Mix things up a bit and keep things fresh. :man_shrugging:

yeah, i have a bit more time on my hands to try new things, so i will.
i tend to have a problem processing new things so it might be a little bumpy but i love growing as an artist, so it’s worth it. thanks for the input!
(i prob need to sleep i’m writing essays for every response i get lol)

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You’ve clearly never seen one of my long responses. :wink:


I write some drums in the dubstep genre, then magically 25 minutes later, I have a funky house song :joy: