Songs about Memories?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been using the name memories in their titles and I am curious to hear some songs. I also have a song name Memories:

Please share your Memories songs!

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I just noticed the same thing :joy: I always use unoriginal song titles because I can’t think of anything better lol

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not mine but

2011, back when Dubstep was actually good.

Welp everyone else go change their song names

I guess it is a super stereotypical name but i couldn’t find another word to convey what I wanted the song to mean


same here

i think the classic name enhances the feel of your song.

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Thanks for the feedback. I tried a few other options like Remembrance or something like that but Remembrance sounds like the name of a MR. A song so I just held off :stuck_out_tongue:

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What about songs like, “Waves,” “Sky,” “Light,” or “Cold”

New song
It was just posted now. We finished a long time ago.

I have a song that has memory as a theme, but I wonder why no-one specifies what memory they’re thinking of.