Song Remixing Competition - Cash Prize [CLOSED]

Hey guys! I’m super unpopular in the Auxy community, so in order to spread around my SoundCloud and release a little bit of music while I’m at it, I’m gonna host a remixing competition.

The prize will be an iTunes gift card with a value equivalent to the number of players - $1 per person with a maximum of $25. This doesn’t mean more than 25 people cannot enter, only that the prize will not exceed $25.

Of course, only one person can win the prize, and teams will not be allowed.

I will score your remixes on a 100-point scale, and if you are eliminated, I will DM you feedback. Depending on the amount of players, you will either remix songs against an opponent in a versus style tournament or everyone will face each other, with the highest-scoring individuals advancing into the next round.

I will post the best remixes on my SoundCloud as an album. When posting your remix, you will either need to post a project link or private SoundCloud link. Submissions cannot be DM’ed.

To sign up, just comment below! I’ll allow people to join until the end of Friday, May 4th. I’ll also post the song, rules, rubric, etc. on that date. The more the merrier!

P.S. If any Auxy free users want to participate, I can change the synths in my songs and include an extra project file that’ll be compatiable with the free version of Auxy.

*edit: raised (max) prize value and added p.s.


I’m so in!

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Sounds awesome! Im in!

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I’m in brudda!!

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Hey @paxman, if you want to spread your soundcloud, I’d recommend putting it in your disco description


This is awesome!

I’m in!

@SpaghettiSauce I assume you’re in then? :smiley:

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Add your Soundcloud link, @paxman.

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It’s in my profile, but I also added it into the post above.

Kinda wish I didn’t click the link :confounded::see_no_evil:, but thanks.


I dunno…should I join or not? Lol


@NickElle Haha, is it really that bad? I could change it if people dislike it.

@INDIR3CT Why not!

@HELIXX There will be multiple projects you have to remix, as it’s a tournament. The first one will be posted Friday, May 4th, if you decide to join.

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It’s kinda gross.
Be respectful, man.


It’s just a picture of underwear, but I understand some people might be more sensitive than others. Will change it later.


O dAnG bRo I’m In

It better be a Star Wars challenge if ur posting it on May 4th tho

May the 4th be with you


I’m in, for fun, not the cash :+1:


I’ll post the projects tomorrow night :+1:
Hopefully a couple more people join ):

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It’s all about the cash. Admit it.


Sign me up my guy.

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