Song remake: Senbonzakura

So I heard a song a while ago, Senbonzakura, which is a Japanese song made by Vocaliod and Hatsume Miku, but I’ve only listened to the piano version because it doesn’t get me in trouble with my family. If I can, I’ll post the link in the comments, but just so I can post this, I’ll leave it be. All I’m asking is for someone to take that piano version, and turn it into a remake, or even turn the actual song into a remake.


Alright, i got the links.

Link 1:

Don’t pay attention to the video itself, just pay attention to the song

Also ignore the lyrics

Link 2:

This one should be relatively easier, since it’s only a piano. The only tricky part would be to get the notes in the right spot. However, I do suggest using the chromatic notes, as it might line up a lot easier.

Good luck

Have you heard Lindsey Stirling’s cover yet?

Yeah, it’s impressive how she can make such good music with just a violin (and other instruments she might or might not play)

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when you’re bored so you stay up until 3 am remaking some random vocaloid song in Auxy

I can only wonder how long you’ll stay up to do the rest of it…

It sounds really good.

Have you finished anything beyond part 1 yet? Or did you stop there?

I plan on working on it more. Right now, I am sort of busy, but I think I’ll have time to work over the weekend. Doesn’t seem too challenging of a remake, although the grace notes are tedious in Auxy.

Anything so far?