Song Mashup Challenge!

I had an awesome idea for a challenge and want to see it grow as a type of challenge if it works out!

The idea behind the challenge is that you take elements of two songs and combine them to make a new song. Also called a mashup. The mashup can be in a different key, different tempo, use whatever instruments, etc… but it must include at least two elements from each song and added elements must be minimal. Obviously I am starting this challenge but if anybody had two songs that you would like to see mashed up then put the Auxy links in the comments or make your own version of this challenge!

For my version I chose my first good track I ever created and my recently made song for the simple song challenge (which was really fun btw). I did not give the full song for other side (my first song mentioned) but have given a “deconstructed version to prevent plagiarism and ease up the mixing process. The simple way to do this if you didn’t know is to copy the loop/instrument and paste it in the new project. Have fun!

The links:
Other side-
Simple challenge song:

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Pretty sure this challenge got buried smh. Maybe it just wasn’t as good of an idea as o thought lol