Somewhat Unknown Delay Trick

So recently I’ve been looking for things to spice up my tracks in Auxy. I’ve been playing all sorts of distortion and automations and sound combinations and what not. But when I stumbled upon this trick it was crazy how much more I could do.
Ok well I don’t want to hype it up too much, but still it’s quite cool what this simple thing can do.

By setting the delay time to 1/64, it blends with the sound itself, effectively layering itself with itself. I used this trick in my new song “ 短絡的” ( where it takes effect in the main lead.
I also like to use this trick on more distorted instruments used in bass music such as weld or some of the panic attack basses. It just makes for an extra layer of oomf and helps make your song feel more full.
I’m pretty sure nobody’s said anything about this so I’ll keep this here.


Ive been doing this a lot. If you want it to be even wilder. Pan it to one side, ping pong it to the other.


Yesssss, I’ve experimented with this a bit! Glad to see other people tinkering with it :smiley:


This is great for melodies as it creates some width in your track


Oh that’s neat you can now do 1/64 delay. Before the max was 1/32


That’s really cool! Now that I think about it, I only saw 1/64th delay one time when I was messing with an instrument’s settings, but didn’t put much thought into it. I’ll try this in the future :+1:


Since we are on the subject - here’s another helpful trick that I have also found very useful:

Anytime you are using a pluck instrument, if you turn your delay to 1/8, and ping pong to about 25% left or right - it will give much more space and clarity to your pluck. And doing the same exact trick, then adding a small amount of attack, you can create a side-chain effect with that pluck. Or, using this delay, you can turn the pluck into a pad by adding release.