Some questions about mixing

Just some stuff I was wondering about

  • should you let the frequency ranges that reverb/delay are applied to overlap each other on different/the same instrument(s)? Does it matter? (I’m just asking because they both ring out after something hits so I didn’t know if having them overlap with each other/other instruments reverb/delay would make stuff muddy)
  • how much should you ‘separate’ (using cutting) different instruments? An (extreme) example of what I mean by ‘separating’ would be highpass cutting everything except the bass/kick.

Thanks in advance

Edit: also if something has a different answer in Auxy as it does in a generic DAW, please clarify


If it sounds good then your doing good


Yeah makes sense. It’s just that I I haven’t really been able to find answers to this stuff anywhere else (and this the only forum my parents let me on, so no asking on reddit or anything). I also that I wanted to know if I could my stuff sound even better than it already does.


so I know the example you put of separation was extreme, but I have overdone the EQing all just to remove my EQ parameters and have it sound better than with all of the attention to detail. It’s all about balance. Some special sounds you wanna focus on more should be shaped a lil more, but some should be let to be more organic with less control. I saw a video the other day where they said it’s like a photo. Reverb makes things blurry, but not every part of every photo should necessarily be in focus.


Thanks for the answer!