Some news... (I’m taking a break for real)

That’s right, I’m taking a break because Auxy has 5.5 GB in my iPad & am trying to make beats in FL Studio as much possible. I will come back re-downloading Auxy & making beats. What should I do though? Delete it, or should I keep it? Make your decision. There are no takebacks.

When I updated Auxy, all the old files were saved automatically, so it will be fine if you delete it. It’s your choice. Do keep in mind, I might be wrong… :wink:

save a backup of all of your projects to a different folder in the Files app and delete the app if you NEED to, but honestly it just sounds like you have a lot of audio files being exported that are still there sitting in the app. You could delete the rendered files as that shouldn’t really be the primary way you store them.

It’s probably the audio renders that take up most of the space, so you can delete these specifically.