Some Inspiration

If you like Andrew Huang or just want some music inspiration here’s this…:wink:


Saw it when it came out. great video :smile:




Despite generally really disliking those YTers (I’m aware of all of them apart from the guy with the beard), I thought I’d give it a watch.
It didn’t change my opinion of them at all.
I generally consider those people as YouTubers first, musicians second — rather than musicians first.

Watching the discussion, the focus seems to be on the next video, being popular and entertaining, rather than on the music itself. Imo, it’s the musical equivalent of ‘pop science’, aimed at younger, inexperienced audiences.

If I’m honest, as someone who really loves music, it actually breaks my heart a little bit to know there’s a generation of youngsters who are interested in making music, but who look to these kind of people as inspiration and role models in music creation.



Yep, this. :+1::+1::+1:

I die a little inside everytime I see somebody ask for a Andrew Huang soundpack…


Well… we have sampling now so i guess thats solved

I just watch his videos because they’re entertaining.

I mainly like this video for it’s entertainment purposes but it’s also a great way to see what others have done that has or hasn’t worked. Rob Scallon, the bearded guy, is really the only one who has put lots of effort into learning new instruments, while the rest of them put a lot of time into making music using technology they’re already familiar with.

I think the point being made isn’t about how to get Andrew Huang sounds into a project. It’s that it’s disappointing that people even want his sounds, as opposed to more credible musicians / sound designers.

@BlaMeese, @SpaghettiSauce

I think it’s quite telling that the word you’ve both used is ‘entertaining’. Imo, Huang, BiaB, etc… are musical entertainers, not authentic musicians.

Now, of course, ‘entertaining’ is good - and there’s nothing wrong with ‘musical entertainers’. (Well, not legally, at least. :wink:
(Though I must say that BiaB’s whole shtick makes me cringe, with his safe, middle-class, fully annunciated rebellion where having long hair with a red streak counts as edgy to his [presumably] (pre-)teen audience. Mini-rant over.)

But, perhaps I didn’t expect ‘they’re entertaining’ to be the primary reason people find someone inspiring.
(Unless you’re aspiring to be a musical entertainer too.)

Fwiw, I’m aware that this post and my view on this reeks of snobbery. :slight_smile:

No-one here should feel attacked or feel the need to defend themselves. I’m just spouting my opinion, as always.


Huang is definitely an entertainer. I mainly watch his videos to see the diversity of instruments you can get from everyday objects. His videos making music are mostly using the same sounds over and over again so I don’t really Watch those. The 24 carrot magic remix with carrots was pretty good though. :joy:

I don’t think that they are always trying to be “popular” in their vids. They might follow a trend for a bit (mainly Andrew), but they still stick to music, being creative, and being themselves.
As for being entertaining, yes, they kinda have to be somewhat entertaining and coming up with new things mainly because that’s just how youtube and being a youtuber works. You always have to be thinking about what you’re going to do next while keeping things entertaining. They are artists at heart and about 99% of their work revolves around it (with the exception of BIAB), but because they are also full time youtubers they still have to grow or at least retain an audience.

None of them really influence my work, but still find them entertaining to watch and occasionally i learn both things related to music and things not related to music.

(I like all these guys, so there’s probably some bias getting thrown into the mix here lol.)

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I don’t like bag-pipes, but I accept there’s a place for them.

I don’t like country and western too much, but there’s a place for it.

I’m not a reggae fan, but there’s a place for it.

I don’t like boy bands, but there’s a place for them too.

There’s a place for anyone who wants to be creative.

There’s a place for anyone who wants to inspire others to be creative.

There’s a place for Andrew Huang.


Or you could just try to make great music.

And that’s the crux of the problem I have with them. It’s aimed at eyeballs, not aimed at creating genuinely worthwhile music that could possibly attract an audience if it was ever detached from the ‘entertaining’ video.
Novelty over quality.

(To corrupt an old saying… Those who can - do. Those who can’t - start a YouTube channel.) :wink:

Again, I don’t particularly begrudge young people their entertainment preferences (much). I was simply ‘triggered’ when people considered it “inspiring”.

I was expecting something different to making music with carrots.

love this guy

How old are you mate? You keep addressing us as the young people… im just wondering…

Put it this way, I remember the '80s. :wink:


Your sc page says you’re 16 if im not wrong lol, thats why i asked

Nah. I don’t mention my age on my SC profile.

Maybe i confused your page with someone else’s :hugs: oops