SolRac - Majestic [Drum & Bass]

First Drum & Bass track. I’m really happy on how this track turned out! Honest feedback would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Meant to listen to this over the weekend but my weekends are jam packed.

The production is good, I like the samples you’ve used. This is going to sound silly but I wish at the end there was one more single note for the piano in the last scene to resolve the melody, I heard it in my head and was hoping for it but it didn’t happen :frowning:

The track is a little thick (production wise) for drum and bass - usually a drum and bass track is propelled by the drums and the interplay with the bass. Lately I’m even finding more so the drums and percussion that’s packed in - sometimes I’m like “what’s going on” and literally it’s just drums and like a droning bass for part of some tracks.

Anyway, overall though you’ve put together a good track with a great vibe and I did enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I really appreciate your honest feedback, really helps a lot! :smiley: