So, what are the current strengths and weaknesses of you when making music?

After a period of getting acquainted with Auxy and making music ( 1 year ), I had a few things to draw about myself

  • Stable drum selection

  • Have good melody

  • Know a little bit of music,

  • Good at vocal chop .

  • Transitions are not really good

  • The build up is not yet outstanding

  • The sound is sometimes monotonous

  • And not yet know more sample sound in Auxy

    I hope that I can promote my strengths and overcome weaknesses in this year 2020

  • AND YOU ? What are the current strengths and weaknesses of you when making music ?


Strength: I dont follow music theory
Weakness: I dont follow music theory


hehe :dizzy_face:

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Strength: Basic beat
Weakness: Melody

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Weakness: making drops
Strengths: making everything except for drops



  • Any kind of bass things.
  • Pads.
  • Adding variation to psytrance.
  • Techno/Trance
  • Ultra-Electronic [I do not have the right instruments]
  • Intense stuff
  • Fade Transitions
  • Explosions
  • DnB [I am getting better at this as time goes on]
  • Bass Drops
  • Demonic House
  • Distortion Tweaking
  • Hard stuff
  • High tempo
  • Plucks
  • I do not have time to list these all


  • Mallets
  • Vocals
  • Melodies
  • Transitions
  • Perfecting Reverb
  • Ambient stuff
  • A lot of stuff outside Auxy
  • Drums [So hard to find the right samples. Battery is good, so I use that all the time]
  • Hanging out with people on Discord, especially @Twizard.
  • Non-electronic stuff
  • Things with the Letter
  • More Stuff

Things that go either way

  • Lead drops
  • Futuer bass
  • Leads
  • Low tempo
  • Medium tempo
  • m o e j o e s
  • Glitchstep
  • Rock
  • Things with pauses
  • Drums
  • Drum pitching
  • Majestic stuff
  • Dubstep
  • Buildups
  • So much stuff that I cannot list


I will add more to the list soon!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask, and also, feel free to ask what some of the β€œMore stuff” are!

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-Future Bass
-Control over sounds
-Drum Beats

-Can’t choose the correct instruments all the time
-Chords for Future Bass/Trance
-Most of my songs follow a similar sequence/have the same style
-Adding a melody
-Adding details to my songs (like arps)

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I know what I need to know about music theory
My buildups are strong
I can get power behind my drops
I know how to texture
I can layer kicks and snares well

I have NEVER known how to structure a verse
My sound design is TRASH
My mixing and mastering is also TRASH

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Very incomplete list




Has no idea how to do a drop (or a buildup)

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Utilize Stereo by chorus, or delay
Mastering to ensure some instruments don’t pop up suddenly

Variety within the project, whether that be chord progression, or lead

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I thought you would say

Weaknesses: Finding/creating Neuro Basses.
Strengths: Using Neuro Basses.

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