SnowFall - Ninjendo [WIP, Project] - Need help on this track

MI don’t know what to do about this track or add. Also I need suggestions on the drums and patterns. I want a beat where it’s slow but not a metronome and I can’t figure out what fits that. Also FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED!

Edit: here is the sample. Sorry of this caused errors in the track. It was my first time uploading projects with samples not in Auxy:


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Good sounding track @Ninjendo. Just played around with it for a second, but you might try experimenting with taking out the snare at the slow parts, and adding some ambient percussion instead. Also, I brought down the lowpass on the slow parts and added a kick to fill out that second measure of the two measure transition. Here is a very rough idea, if I were doing it for real I would probably use a larger variety of ambient percussion, etc. Hope that helps a little!

Your drums in the fuller parts of the track already sound great :+1: I’d leave those alone. Just need to find something a little more interesting to do in the slow parts. I personally like to use lots of quiet fills, and the ambient percussion suggestion by morgen is definitely a good idea. I had a quick fiddle, but it’s not so much my style of track (and I always struggle with slow drumming myself!) so I deleted my changes. Also, since we can’t hear the missing sample at the beginning, I’m not sure how useful our deaf tweaks would be (maybe upload a preview of the track to sc?)

Overall great sounding track, love the lead melody once it gets going. Not sure about your choice of drum samples, but that’s just me (I like loud, grungy, hard hitting drums). Would love to hear it with the sample intact.


Here is the sample

Sample is now here