Sneak peeks. Show us what you're working on

It’s done now, I will post it tomorrow!


Hey, this thread isn’t for cryptic self-promos.
This is show ‘n’ tell! Emphasis on ‘show’.


Well, I can’t reveal all of my secrets! =]

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It’s almond finished but it wont render
#auxy #flstudio

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You don’t label your tracks? Ugh, #iCan’tEven. :wink:

One of the things I definitely need to get stronger on is the detailing, the little flourishes (that typically add another dozen tracks to a project). My ‘production’ is generally quite straight; no ‘style’, as such. It’s not a strength.
It’s something I’d like to work on, but I find myself primarily focused on the broader composition or the hook.

I feel like I need to team up with an engineer with production ideas. Someone who’s not going to ‘re-interpret’ the track, but ‘add something’. Tweak here, add FX there, chop up the beat here… a high-pass sweep there. That sorta thing. I dunno.

It’s be interesting to open up a project or two for ‘production’ here. Not remixes, but seeing how having another producer get their hands on the project would add production style.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired or it didn’t make sense but I have no idea what you’re staying :joy::joy:

But this is my first project on fl so…
And it’s not a full track made on fl I’m just tweaking it with:

  • Vocals
  • Up/down lifters
  • drum fills
  • vinyl crackles
  • atmospere
  • extra on the drop
  • Fx
  • and stuff

I’m gonna go with ‘tired’ :wink:

I expanded on the thought in a new thread, but it immediately got derailed by members who assumed I was requesting/promoting ‘ghost producing’.

Anyone want to produce someone else’s track? (Not remix, collab or ghost producing)

I still don’t quite get it but I’m no ghost producer or anything like that.

The track in the photo is a Collab I’m making with @SUFOS and @HAYVN. I’m just adding little components and vocals to it.

The track was made on auxy then I told SUFOS and HAYVN that I was gonna add in the vocals on fl and some other things.

My comment about your image was simply a reflection that you hadn’t appeared to have labeled your tracks to make them more easy to identify within the production. I know I’d struggle if I didn’t label my tracks in Ableton Live.

The rest of my comment was based on the fact that the song appears to have numerous little details in there. I assumed them to be production enhancements (as opposed to core parts of the composition) and that intrigued me – mostly because my own work doesn’t have much of those, though I wish it had more…

…which led me to wonder about working with someone here as a producer/co-producer (in the traditional/broader sense of producer).

It actually has nothing to do with ghost producing. It never did. That was a misunderstanding by Stigmo and NYC.

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I don’t mean to get into an argument, but you didn’t have to put that last part in there…

It was a misunderstanding on my part and his, but we should get over it and move on.

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I may or may not be doing some amazing music with amazing people (you know who you are :wink:)

Here’s a track in progress called Finish Line. Sort of like a Future Eurobeat, I guess.

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Ahhh okay I get it now :joy:

Working on a sort of heavy beat because I’m bored :joy: don’t know what I’ll do with it though.

Sort of inspired by @xavior and @Southborne’s Even Louder with the piano riff

Me and Bassment Chemists are making something huge as of the moment.

Wow! That’s a lot

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