Snares as Leads?!

So I was messing around with stuff and I found that some snares, when used with pitch correctly, turn out to be like a plucky lead!
Here’s the track if you want to mess around

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This is awesome! Especially for trap fans!


What if it’s the other way around?



Leads as snares? Yeah!

Kiss and dollar’s snare are good together, when kiss plays 1/32 notes. I feel like that was someone’s featured song…

I’ve used Punch and Otter as drums before

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Ditto. I used Punch as a drum layer on a recent piece. Packs quite a deep wallop.

I used them more like a hand drum or a cajón, it sounded pretty cool

Sidenote: Having been a ‘finger tapper/desk drummer’ all my life, I only discovered the existence of the Cajón a few days ago. Lost a couple of hours trawling YT. Gonna sample the shizzle out of that. :wink:


Inserting it to other drums makes it easier to use,I guess.