Snare—Osharu [Lofi?]

Made a track, attempted lofi, and here’s the end result, the…“endgame” if you will.

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Really nice. I would probably just consider it to be chill/trap. Lofi tends to have some grainy textures to the tracks and also cuts anything above like 2k in your EQ (tho idk where that’d be in the auxy settings)

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Idk how to make lofi. Lofi is “supposed to be” very simple and basic. But I don’t know how to make something super simple and basic. I want it to sound epic always!! Lol

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I wouldn’t say loft is supposed to be basic. But with lofi, it’s supposed to have a bad quality texture to it by cutting the highs, adding some vinyl crackle or grainy textures to the track.

Your track could be fine, it just needs those elements I feel to really give off the full “lofi experience”.