Slow Feelings - Andrew Young (Ambient)

I used loops from Ambient Rimshots throughout the track and used the Gentle Steel guitar from Acoustic Guitars near the end of the track.

Nice, subtle, slightly, jazzy, dubby vibe.
Liked: :+1:

Q: Why did you include ‘Auxy Studio’ in the track title?

Try to avoid defining your music as ‘Auxy music’ so overtly.
It’s one thing to include the #auxy tag, to be findable to Auxy fans, but imo, having it in the name could prevent some people giving it a serious chance.

I’d also think of something different to say in the track description, like what you’re aiming for in the track – the mood, the vibe, the inspiration — rather than just talking about the sound packs you’ve used.

Tbh, imo, you should put as much effort into presenting the music and your SC account as you do with your music.

For instance, sort out your SC URL, user-324781623.

Also, imo, you should revisit the genre and mood tagging for the track.
I recommend you read these articles,

How to Release an Album: The 10 Step Music Distribution Checklist.
(esp. Step 4: Find Your Perfect Genres and Subgenres.)

SoundCloud Creator Guide: Optimize your tracks
(esp. Tag with genres and moods.)