Sleepless - JoshuaTuWorldWide [album]

I made an album a couple of weeks ago
One track had some Auxy instruments in it (the last song of the album)
plz check it out and like it if you want


  1. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) - Sleepless
  2. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) - KyRa
  3. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) - Soulmate (feat. P.Y.)
  4. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) - I Lost My Dignity (Interlude)
  5. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) & Phil Molica - Laid Back (feat. Nwiek)
  6. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) - Break (feat. V!CE)
  7. Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) & LUQ. - Distortion

so yeah. also feedback is definitely appreciated. thx.

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