Slash - Lex [Album]

I finally finished my first gabber/speedcore album! If you like soft, airy, slow tracks then this is NOT the album for you, because this is probably the most harsh album I’ve ever made. Don’t ya worry, airy stuff is coming soon! :wink:

Oh yeah and it features a remix of a song by @LimeZ and a remix of another track by @INDIR3CT.


Can’t listen now, but a fun fact is I spent almost a year listening to gabber/ digital hardcore back in the day haha. Setting a reminder to listen ASAP


Gimme a song to give feedback. I usually only do one song. Sorry :confused:

I like it! Sudden Death is my standout fave so far. I think you’ve captured the essence pretty well, from my limited listening experience from like a decade or so ago. It’s got the speed, the hooligan distorted bassdrum running through. You’ve even got breaks in here which is VERY Atari Teenage Riot (they were my go to for awhile, I still think 60 Second Wipe Out is a great album).

Glaciation awesome too. Hard Kicks All Day Every Day. Good use of samples, definitely a staple of the genre from what I’ve heard.