Skies Unknown (unfinished) - Azure Onyxscore (D&B, Melodic)

Please tell me what I need to improve on

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Good to see you again! Sounding really good so far. I’ll need to take a listen with headphones in a bit (busy right now), but from what I could tell from my phone it seems like there’s not too much bass. Maybe it’s fine though, I’ll have to take a better listen in a bit. Drums are very well done. What snare did you happen to use by the way? I’ve been looking for a nice crisp one like that for a few of my DnB/Complextro stuff.

Snare 23 (from Neurofunk Collection)

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Oh alright. Thanks! I took a listen with headphones and heard the subbass. The whole thing is really sounding nice so far.