Sketch 25 (WIP, Genre?)

Yet another semi-developed idea to add to my list of things I need to finish…

This time it’s an upbeat stepper… (maybe one day I’ll settle on a single genre. Maybe, it’s time to start splitting it off into separate identities.)

Enjoy. Thoughts and feedback always welcome. :slight_smile:
Not sure what genre to tag it, so thoughts on that also welcome.


0:17 & 1:47 is awesome :clap:


I disagree
0:00 to 3:10 was awesome



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I’d be down to help you with it but I’ll prob change the genre

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What genre would you call it now?
What would you change it to?

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I’m not quite sure what genre that is specifically but I would prob make it future bass or big room

I’m not sure it fits neatly into a specific genre.
What genres would you say are in there?

And, thanks for the offer of a collab.

I should say that I’m unlikely to want this to end up as an FB track.
I’m not sure how well the main riff would work at a typical FB tempo.

[Edit. Actually, a slight tempo push to ~140 could make it interesting, as the main riff would still work at 140, then drop to half-time for the big synth moments. Hmmm.]

I could see it working as a big room track, even though it’s another genre I’m really not a fan of.

Maybe I’ll share the project file and let people do their own take on it - or give a green like for people to cover/remake it.

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Sounds a bit synthwave to me.

a bit synthwave


I’ve played with synthwave in the past, but there’s very little in this track that I’d tie to synthwave.

I have a back log of people’s work to go through on here and I finally got to your stuff @akabillposters, this is awesome. I pulled up a couple others and I’m impressed, very well put together. Looking forward to hearing more!

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Thanks. I’ve got so many ‘start of something’ bits in the Auxy project backlog, that haven’t even made it to ‘Sketch’ phase.
(I’ve even started offloading them to a separate folder on iCloud Drive, and temporarily removing them from Auxy, to make my Auxy project list easier to digest. Hopefully, I’ll come back to them at some point.)

I just need to knuckle down and work through them.


very well put together

I’m not sure I’d agree that they’re well put together, though I’m prouder of some than others.
I think my ‘electro-pop’ pieces are the closest to finished in terms of the instrumental composition (although both will end up as songs, so still need lyrics/vocals), though I still consider them demo quality at best.

Maybe this piece also…

Imo, one of my weaknesses is production detailing, the little flourishes that add character and texture to a piece, beyond the vibe, general structure and hook.
I’d like to spend more time working on that side of things, but I’ll often get struck by a new idea, so going deeper gets sacrificed in service of capturing the start of the next new idea.

Yeah, in the lead synth.

I’d still be interested to hear more thoughts on what genre this most closely falls under…

It’s like 2-step meets dubstep, but somewhere between the Burial era and the harder wobble and wub era.
Otherwise, I’ll fall back to the generic #electronic or even the dreaded (by me) #edm.

I dunno.


Why #Synthwave doesn't fit, imo (Sorry, lowey)

I’m not feeling @lowey’s suggestion of Synthwave. I don’t think the character is particularly close to synthwave, which characteristically has a more '80s, retro-synth vibe with big synth chords, arpeggio and gated, heavy, synth-pop drums.

I really can’t see Sketch 25 fitting cleanly into a mix like this.

Perhaps @Fantom87 can give his view.

I think it’s more dreamwave if anything. Has too new of a feel to just be Synthwave so definitely dreamwave, or chillstep.


Meh, no big deal, I was typing on my phone so being very conservative with my explanation (still am, in fact). I didn’t mean the track sounds like a finished synthwave track, more that the lead synth sounded a bit synthwave to me, and so could be developed in that direction (if you chose to). @Fantom87 may in fact be onto something with dreamwave though.

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I hadn’t heard of that one.
I checked out some examples and I can hear why you’d say that.

I think you’ve given me a possible direction to explore and develop.
Might strip it down and rebuild it. I’m now thinking something in between plaintive chillstep and a louder, more overt dubstep track.

Hmmm. Thanks. :+1: :thinking:

(Chillstep, as a dubstep spin-off, feels much closer than dreamwave, which is presumably an off-shoot of synthwave, which still feels like an odd fit, to me.)

I would go dreamwave if I were you dude. Check out timecop1983. He has some really chill stuff to get lost to.

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Nah. I really feel you were closer with chillstep. :+1:

Sketch 25 has a closer relation to dubstep variants, than synthwave variants.
That’s even clearer to me now, since your first mentioned it and I’ve checked out some stuff in that family.

As nice as it is (I’m familiar with timecop1983), if I was to aim for Dreamwave, it would feel inauthentic, arbitrarily redefining the track — and moving away from whatever themes inspired it in the first place.

Thanks though. You have helped. :+1: :slight_smile: