Simple Track Contest

Hey everyone! I got a challenge for you!

Every song I hear on soundcloud is full of wonderful melodies, chords, changes, drum loops, and automation. But my challenge today is to make a simple, but changing and progressing track.

Here are the rules.

You may ONLY have:

2 Melodic loops: You can have any one or two instruments you wish, but the track can only contain 2 melodic loops (Any sound pack allowed)

1 Chord loop

1 bass: Through the whole song you are only allowed to use one bass loop.

2 drum loops: Use this wisely!


You are allowed to have any tempo, key, and swing. You are allowed to have as many automations as you wish: Use this to help make your track fun and non-repetitive

You are allowed to use the sweeper as much as you want.

Please note:

Your song must be at LEAST 3 Minutes in length. The main challenge is to see how well you can make a simple beat into a full song, without being repetitive or boring.

When submitting

Please upload to soundcloud, post your project link and soundcloud link here

If anyone actually thinks this is a decent idea and participates :stuck_out_tongue: I will get together the best entries at the end of this month

Have fun :smiley:

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No automations?

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You are allowed to have as many as you want, Use the automations to help make your track interesting :smiley:

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I wish this was based on instruments instead of loops cause most of my songs use 1-3 loops per instrument and I only use like 5. Then again, I make hip hop beats. That’s all you need really

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Well thats the challenge! Using automation to make one simple beat and melody into a full song :slight_smile:

Looks interesting! My BTC was kinda like this, simple yet catchy.

I might enter if I have time :wink:

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Can the sweeper be a separate thing than the melodics?

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Yes, you can use the sweeper as much as you want :slight_smile:

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Oh. Wish I would’ve known that. I work fast so that I avoid overthinking so I’m already done. Exactly 3 minutes btw edit: the track is three minutes not the time I spent on it

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